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Yellow Jacket Hot Dogs- Ellenwood, GA

Hey students! It’s Adriena from Food is My Classroom with today’s quick bite. National Hot Dog Day ended about a month ago and I’m still celebrating! Today, I stopped by Yellow Jacket Hot Dogs in Ellenwood, GA for a yummy Nathan’s Beef Frank with onion rings. Click the link to read more about this hidden treasure!

Hey students! It’s your favorite teacher, Adriena, from Food is My Classroom here with a quick bite and “Hidden Treasure”. Even though National Hot Dog Day was over about a month ago, I am still celebrating! Hey, it’s still summer so I can indulge a bit! Today, I stopped by Yellow Jacket Hot Dogs in Ellenwood, GA for a yummy Nathan’s Beef Frank with onion rings. If you missed the #NationalHotDogDay celebration last month, don’t feel bad. Try Yellow Jacket Hot Dogs today!

Background Knowledge: 

1. Hot Dogs are beef, chicken, and pork mix unless you request a Nathan’s All Beef hot dog for an up-charge. 

2. Located in Ellenwood, Georgia (Not by Georgia Tech).

3. They offer Combos/Specials or you can order a la carte.

4. All hot dogs automatically come with ketchup, mustard, and onions which can be removed to your taste.

5. My favorite detail about the hot dog is the buns are toasted to a perfect crunch which is a great contrast with the juicy frank. Yummy!

Hot Dog Alternative Options: 

1. Angus Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers

2. Grilled Cheese

3. BLT 

4. Grilled Chicken

5. Patty Melts


1. Slice of Cake

2. Slice of Pecan Pie

3. Mayfield Ice Cream (chocolate,  vanilla, and strawberry only)

4. Peach & Apple Pies (fried)

5. Cheesecake


⭐Nathan’s Beef Hot Dogs w/relish

⭐Nathan’s Beef Hot Dogs w/slaw

⭐Onion Rings

⭐Scoop of Strawberry Mayfield Ice Cream 

Score: B

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Where do you like to get your hot dogs??