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Tribute to My Mother-Part One, The Busy Bee Atlanta

Hey students! It’s your favorite teacher, Adriena, from @FoodIsMyClassroom here with a tribute to my mother on this special day, December 3rd. It’s her birthday!🎂 Read more about my mom’s life and favorite eatery, Busy Bee Cafe, today!

Hey students! It’s your favorite teacher, Adriena, from @FoodIsMyClassroom here with a tribute to my mother on this day, December 3rd. It’s her birthday!🎂

Today we’re diving into one of my mother’s favorite restaurants, The Busy Bee Cafe Atlanta. This Downtown Atlanta staple has been serving up delicious traditional soul food since 1947. Read more about Busy Bee Atlanta’s history on their website at

Classroom:  The Busy Bee Cafe, est. 1947
    📍810 M.L.K. Jr Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30314

The Lesson Plan [Full Review of Experience]

Materials Needed:
1. Patience
2. Appetite 
3. Something to keep you busy while you wait.
4. An umbrella in case it rains. There is no covering for patrons to protect you from the elements.
5. Comfortable shoes. The gravel is uneven and only 2 benches outside for those waiting. So, expect to stand.

Observation: [The Best of the Day]
Opening (Appetizers)
– Bread basket and butter

Busy Bee Cafe Atlanta, bread basket and butter
Bread basket and butter

During (Entrees)
-Meats: Smothered Pork Chops, Fried Pork Chops, smothered fried chicken
-Sides: Collard greens, potato salad, cornbread dressing, macaroni and cheese, and yams.
-Drinks: Sweet Tea & lemonade

Closing (Desserts)
– Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake at Busy Bee Cafe Atlanta
Red Velvet Cake

⭐ The Glows [Pros]
1. Still traditional.
2. Homemade dinner and desserts.
3. Excellent sweet tea.
4. They cater full meals for holidays and all other special occassions.
5. Days & Hours have been extended now to the weekends.6. All the veggies are super yummy but they have thee best potato salad I’ve ever had in my life.

The Grows [Cons]
1. Very small dining space. Never expanded for a larger eating area or moved to a larger location to accommodate their popularity and the growth of Atlanta.
2. Long lines and waits.
3. Very limited parking. Parking is shared with two other businesses. 
4. The prices are higher than most Soul Food restaurants and the portions are smaller. But, the taste is in a league of its own, bar none. 

Evaluation: [The Score]
Grade📋 A+

One last thing…

Feedback [Comment & Share]
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📸 and 📽 by Adriena Long

Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen and Bar Review

Hey students, it’s your favorite teacher, Adriena, here in Downtown College Park, Georgia at Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen and Bar. Today I’m trying some “Geechee” inspired small plates! Click the link for more goodness 🙂

Hey students, it’s your favorite teacher, Adriena, here in Downtown College Park, Georgia at Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen and Bar. Today, I’m trying some “Geechee” inspired small plates!

Classroom: Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen & Bar

3721 Main St, College Park, GA 30337 (Link to Google Map)

⭐The Lesson Plan [Full Review of Experience]

⭐Materials Needed:

1. Patience: Very small restaurant causing long waits.

2. Hand Fan: The air was not working.

3. Comfortable Shoes: You may have to walk some blocks depending on where you find a space to park.

4. Guest: With a guest, you can choose multiple plates to share, which is much better.

⭐Observation: [The Best of the Day]

The “Get Tight Up” Cocktail at Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen

Opening (Appetizers)

-I had a cocktail called “Get Tight Up” that contained pureed fruit with vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, triple sec, fruit liqueur, and sour. The drink is available in peach, blackberry, or strawberry. I chose peach, and it was just okay.

I will try the “Geechee Rita” next time, which is also a popular drink according to the bartender. 

During (Entrees)

-Jam Up Fried Wings: Three seasoned and marinated whole wings drizzled with Gulla gal sauce. The wings were tasty, and the sauce seemed ketchup-based but much sweeter.

-Fried Poke Chop (Pork Chop): One small pork chop that is lightly battered and fried to a golden color. This was a disappointment. The meat was well cooked, but not seasoned well. Additionally, the pork chop was very small and not nearly the size of a standard pork chop.

-Seafood Pasta (cold dish): A combination of crab meat, white shrimp, and pasta mixed with a seafood salad dressing. This dish was one of my favorites, and a must-have.

-Fried Cabbage: Fresh cabbage fried in a skillet with onions and bacon. This was the biggest disappointment. It was very salty, and the cabbage was so overcooked that it was brown and soggy. Cabbage, even fried, shouldn’t be that mushy.

-Macaroni & Cheese: Classic cheddar cheese and elbow macaroni baked til golden. This was just cheese and noodles. The noodles were overcooked and unseasoned.

-Fried Shrimp: White shrimp that are seasoned, lightly battered, and golden fried. These were cooked perfectly.

-Sauteed Shrimp: White shrimp that are seasoned and sauteed in a Gullah butter sauce. These were seasoned nicely and yummy.

-Gullah Fries (Potato Wedges): Fried potato wedges dusted with Virgil’s Gullah seasoning. These were very good and came out hot. They are also a must-have.

-Shrimp & Crab Gravy: White shrimp cooked in crab gravy over Jasmine rice (contains bacon). This was the STAR of the night. It is better than New Orleans jambalaya. The rice was slightly undercooked, but the shrimp and gravy made up for it. I wanted to sop it up with a biscuit. You can’t come to Virgil’s and not have this dish!

Closing (Desserts)

-Chucktown Chewie Sundae: This dessert was a warm chewie blonde (vanilla) brownie topped with caramel ice-cream, candied pecans, chocolate fudge, and powdered sugar. It was delicious and I hardly ever eat a dessert at a restaurant. It was heaven on a spoon! I would go back just for dessert and try a new cocktail. Just thinking about this dessert makes me want to make the drive to College Park right now!

⭐ Small Plate Ranking 

[0 to 5-star scale, 5 being the highest]

5⭐ Shrimp & Crab Gravy (over rice), Chucktown Brownie, Seafood Pasta (cold)

4⭐ Gullah Fries (Potato Wedges), Jam Up Wings

3⭐ Sauteed Shrimp, Fried Shrimp

2⭐ Poke Chop, Get Tight Up cocktail

1⭐ Mac ‘n Cheese

0⭐ The Fried Cabbage

Evaluation: [The Score]
Grade A

⭐Teacher’s Notes

1. This restaurant is not family-friendly. No high chairs or car seat slings.

2. Our waiter was William, who was excellent.

3. The host, Curtis, was accommodating with getting me a larger table.

4. The restaurant sits between Soul Crab and Milk & Honey.

5. They do not take gift cards. (VISA)

6. They do have lots of free street parking and lots in the area if you follow the signs. Not sure if the lots are free or not.

7. Your party should be from 1 to 4 people. The restaurant is not designed for groups.

8. Police circle the area often for a sense of safety.

9. Be careful crossing the street. I was almost hit in the crosswalk because everyone doesn’t abide by the law about pedestrians in the crosswalk, especially when there is no flashing light.

10. I met both owners, and they were very kind to my family and me. Search Food Is My Classroom on YouTube to see the video with Gee, co-owner of Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen & Bar, A “Geechee” Cultural Experience.

⭐Feedback [Comment & Share]

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Greens and Gravy Atlanta

Hey students! It’s your favorite teacher, Adriena, from @foodismyclassroom here with today’s mini-lesson. We’re checking out Greens & Gravy, which is one of my favorite Atlanta restaurants to attend for BRUNCH. This black-owned eatery is owned by Chef Darius Williams! Click the link for more goodness 🙂

Greens and Gravy Restaurant

Hey students! It’s your favorite teacher, Adriena, from @foodismyclassroom here with today’s mini-lesson. We’re checking out Greens & Gravy, which is one of my favorite Atlanta restaurants to attend for BRUNCH. This black-owned eatery is owned by Chef Darius Williams! Scroll down for more goodness 🙂

See my TOP 5 BRUNCH items below: 

⭐Lemon Pepper Honey Fried chicken that was brined in Apple Cider vinegar for 24hrs before cooking. Served with a warm buttermilk biscuit.

⭐Skillet Macaroni & Cheese

⭐Toasted Sour Cream Pound Cake with fruit, fresh mint, and vanilla bean mascarpone

⭐Braised Collard Greens (w/smoked Turkey) served with Watermelon Chow Chow

⭐Buttermilk Chicken Biscuits with aged cheddar and country white gravy. Served with 2 eggs made your way.

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© 2019 Adriena Long, All rights reserved

Old Lady Gang (OLG) Restaurant Review

Hey students! It’s your favorite teacher, Adriena, from Food is My Classroom here with Lesson #2: OLG (Old Lady Gang) Restaurant. This popular restaurant is located in the Castleberry Hill Neighborhood near the Atlanta University Center. Click to read my full review!

Classroom: OLG (Old Lady Gang)
177 Peters St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313
*Castleberry Hill Neighborhood

⭐ The Lesson Plan [Full Review of Experience]

Materials Needed:
1. Patience: There is very limited parking in the rear of the restaurant. There is one shared lane for entrance/exit, so let the attendant help you. Otherwise, you can try and find street parking.
2. Cash: The parking is not free. There is an attendant to collect your $10 in order to enter.
3. Camera: You may run into Kandi Burruss-Tucker or Todd Tucker (owners), one of the other family members from RHOA, or any local celebrity in the city of Atlanta. 
4. Reservations: I would not leave home without it! Only the Peter St. location offers Open Table.

Opening (Appetizers)
– Deep Fried Whipped Deviled Eggs: I went into my first bite with much hesitation as the description didn’t sound appealing. But, I fell in love at first bite. These were soooo good!

– Mama Joyce’s BBQ Rib Tips: The rib tips were overly coated in BBQ sauce, but they were tasty. A couple of the rib tips were tough because they were the end pieces.

During (Entrees)
– Mama Sharon’s Chicken & Cream Anglaise French Toast: The chicken was well seasoned and fried to a perfect southern crunch. The french toast were just okay, but that Maple Syrup was so yummy that it woke the french toast right on up.

– Kandi’s Honey Glazed Blackened Salmon (w/red mashed potatoes & Mama Joyce’s Green Beans). This was the highlight of the night for me. The salmon was cooked perfectly. The mashed potatoes were creamy and I loved the use of red potatoes. But, the true star of the plate were the green beans. They were ‘thee best’ green beans I have ever had in my entire life. Like ever!!! 

-Mama Joyce’s Side Salad: Fresh salad that was large enough to share. Beautiful greens and colorful veggies.

-Side Selections: I added on some sides for the table to taste. I ordered mac-n-cheese (very good & cheesy), Kandi’s yams (they were excellent, but they are done soufflé style even though it says yams on the menu), and the Turkey Collards (full of flavor and meat).

Closing (Desserts)

The Glows [Pros]
1. OLG has become so popular and productive that they have opened up a 2nd location in East Point and they even serve inside of State Farm Arena which is home to the Atlanta Hawks (NBA) & The Atlanta Dream (WNBA).
2. OLG offers reservations on Open Table. They can be made via their website or your Open Table App.
3. OLG offers an upstairs and downstairs bar. 
4. OLG also has an outdoor rooftop patio which is great for parties and catered events.
5. OLG employs many young college students from the area, from talking to many of them, which I think is awesome. What college student doesn’t need extra money, right?
6. The atmosphere of OLG is VERY lively, trendy and of all ages with a moderate noise level. Although much is happening in the restaurant, you can still hear the conversation of those that you are dining with.
7. Much of the time the owners and/or one of the family members are onsite meeting, greeting and taking pictures. They are super friendly. And, how often do we ever get to see the faces behind the places we frequent, especially when they’re celebrities. So, that’s pretty dope!
8. The restaurant is family-owned and you feel that in the ambiance & core concept of the decorations as well. The restaurant is saturated with cute  simple decor and MANY real family pictures that we all take as our family grows and ages. Very homey!
9. The food was absolutely delicious.  They bring cornbread with a signature sauce to the table, for sharing, and it is sweet like cake. We had at least 3 baskets of it because it is addictive. 
10. OLG uses a texting system to notify you that your table is ready. So, make sure you don’t miss that text because you only get so much time to return to the hostess station before your table is given to the next person on the list. 
11. The biggest compliment I can give them is…..I will visit again!

The Grows [Cons]
1. The parking is an absolute nightmare, but one should know that this is the NORM in all major cities and Atlanta is no exception. 
2. They allow reservations yet there is still a significant wait. Of course they allow walk-ins which may push those with reservations back.
3. There is extremely limited seating for those who are waiting (inside or outside) to be called & seated by the hostess.
4. The staff is fairly young which seems to be evident in the ‘off task’ behavior (talking/texting) when the restaurantis busy.
5. The space is very tight. You and your neighbor will be really good friends by the time you leave.
6. I went to OLG with friends and family. OLG didn’t have a sling for the baby’s car seat. They flipped over a booster seat but it was rocking so we had to place it up to the wall for stability. 
7. The wood floors are VERY slippery. I witnessed a few close calls several times. Also, there is a small, hardly visible,  ramp near the hostess station. You don’t expect to feel a slight drop when it appears to be no differentiation in the floor. Be careful!

Evaluation: [The Score]
Grade A+

Teacher’s Notes
1. Old Lady Gang is located in Atlanta’s historic Castleberry Hill Neighborhood (Fulton County). Castleberry Hill is well known for being the backdrop of the TV Series “Walking Dead”.
2. This review is based off of my experience after visiting on 2 seperate occassions to try more of their options.
3. Mama Sharon is Todd Tucker’s mother who passed away in 2014.
4. I was able to get several pictures with Kandi’s mom, Joyce, Aunt Nora and Aunt Bertha. The entire Old Lady Gang! We even song for them. It was such a fun experience!
5. The East Point location does not offer reservations at this time and the State Farm Arena location is only open based on the schedule of the arena.
6. RHOA is the acronym for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which airs on Bravo.

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© 2019 Adriena Long, All rights reserved